The history of the neonatal sepsis trail network "" is close related to the study NeoPInS.

After publication of the single-centre intervention trial using Procalcitonin (PCT)-guided decision-making to shorten antibiotic therapy in suspected neonatal early-onset sepsis (Stocker M. Neonatology 2010;97(2):165-74) there was a strong feeling held by the principal investigator that this study should serve as pilot trial for a larger, multi-centre trial.

Initially planned as national multi-centre trial in Switzerland, NeoPInS was boosted by participation of the Netherlands led by Annemarie van Rossum and the Czech Republic led by Jan Janota. With successful funding the organisation and management of NeoPInS was continued professionalised. A team led by Eline Visser was setup for data monitoring and management. In a last step with implementation of Canadian centres led by Salhab ElHelou, the European study was broadened to a truly internationally multi-centre trial.

At the NeoPinS investigator meeting in Rotterdam at the historically venue of Hotel New York in summer 2013, the attendant investigators decided to establish the group as neonatal sepsis trial network. The atmosphere, spirit and teamwork of the group amazed all investigators which is source of the successful accomplishment of NeoPInS. As a result, this homepage was launched in spring 2014.